It’s Your Path

One of the trickiest yet most freeing bits of wisdom is to realize your life is your path. Sure, you can be inspired and informed by others but each step of the way is ultimately yours.

One of the more amazing things about our world now with everyone plugged into social media is that we can observe and see so much about the lives of others.

This can also be used as a mental weapon against yourself:

  • Are you measuring up to the same career path as a fellow graduate from same college and with same degree?
  • Does your family go to the same cool, vacation spots that you next-door neighbor’s family does each year?
  • Did you get the same results from a fitness program that your buddy did once he started?

Stop caring & comparing at that level!

I had the Disease To Please installed very early on my childhood, so I’ve really struggled with doing “the right things”, making sure I followed other models to a T and constantly comparing my results with others to ensure I was being “perfect.” That’s not taking responsibility for my life and those days are over.

  • Take some first steps
  • Review the wisdom for the path you’re on (from mentors, coaches, online resources, new clues showing up in your life)
  • Check against your own, internal GPS (your priorities, your goals, your interests)
  • Add that all together to come up with where you will go next on YOUR path

How will you put these tips into place this week? Have you been stuck in an area of your life or with a possible next step? Worrying if it’s not exactly like someone else or what you consider “perfect”?

You ARE your own permission! It’s Your Path – zag (instead of zig) next if that’s what speaks to you.

Comment below if you’re now ready to reclaim your life and make it your path!