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I get this question quite a bit, so I thought I’d write up an actual post on my thoughts to help answer it. Some people ask which one is harder or which one is better. It’s tough to answer questions like that which can be a bit general since ‘harder’ and ‘better’ can mean different things for different people and goals. Here’s a real quick summary:

– Very simple with respect to equipment needs. Essentially just you
– Some resistance training but body weight only
– Cardio intervals and cardiovascular training is fantastic with this
– Very sweaty which is good. (You’re cranking calories in a relative short amount of time)
– Program is 60 days

– Flexible with respect to equipment needs but need at least bands (or dumbbells and/or pull-up bar)
– Lots of resistance training, flexibility training, plyometrics, yoga and cardio.
– Program is a bigger commitment (than INSANITY) with 90 days
– Workout sessions are a bit longer on average than the average INSANITY ones

Since I’ve now done both, I’m now doing a hybrid that includes both which I’m excited about!! I really liked the cardiovascular intensity of INSANITY over P90X cardio, so this hybrid brings that together. I really like the strength training superiority of P90X, so wanted to get back to that as I missed that part when doing INSANITY.

by Sean O’Meara

by Sean O'Meara