Thoughts Become Things

Reclaim your life … Have you done this already?

Are you wondering what that might feel like? Are you wondering what that means?

Have you stopped recently to consider IF you need to reclaim your life?

When trying to reclaim one’s life and make changes, the current inner dialogue is a hidden yet key part of the puzzle.

I really don’t talk about this much but I’ve struggled most of my life with negative inner dialogue, depression & self-sabotaging beliefs. As I reach out and connect with more people, it’s become obvious that many are still struggling with this.

It does not have to remain this way.

At an early age, it became obvious from my own struggles and successes that inner dialogue “fitness” is very similar to physical fitness that I help people with now as a Fitness Coach:

  • Fitness is not an event, it’s a lifestyle
  • The habits that work against your fitness did not happen overnight. They will not go away overnight
  • The habits that support your fitness are usually easy to describe
  • The habits that support your fitness are easy to do. And just as easy to not do if you don’t feel like it that day

Did I suddenly “win” against these unhealthy inner-dialogue habits one day?

No, I still work on them.

But I also have been able to study, learn, try, fail, try again and ultimately turn the tide to control this area to my choosing at long last. And it’s time to start sharing that so others can shorten their own learning curve.

I’ve used my analytical & logic-focused left brain skills to study & test things for myself to see what helped more. I may not have all the answers but I have answers that have been key ones for me to succeed. And they may help you do the same.

I’ve started brain-storming on specific topics around inner-dialogue habits that should serve many of you. I’m also open to receiving suggestions for your specifics around inner-dialogue habits that seem to be in your way to consider for upcoming posts with suggestions.

Why am I doing this?

It’s really to help pay-it-forward. I know how much more amazing life feels now after implementing steps so I could get out of my own way. I also know what it’s like to struggle with this mightily and staying there serves no one.

I like to say that when we help someone’s light shine more brightly, it helps ours shine more brightly, too. And the world could use a lot more hope & light right now. So I choose to help create that how I can where I can with what I’ve learned.

Are you interested in reading more posts like this? Becoming part of these discussions that help you reclaim your life by starting to learn and implement tips that help change your inner dialogue to a more positive one that supports your forward progress?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.