It’s not about slick talking.

OR even talking loudly.

In fact, it’s often rather quiet from the perspective of your voice.

One of your most important tools for creating more influence actually isn’t about speech preparation at ALL.

Even if you’re not aware of it every day, you’re attempting to influence people every day in a number of ways. Just because you’re not the CEO of a large corporation does NOT mean you’re not the CEO of your life.

And to get things done, get help with what you want, inspire people and get them to buy into your cause, you’ll need to be better with influence.

You’re still the CEO of your own life, right?

Here’s some Performance Coaching for your “executive life”education …

I’m sure you’ve heard this before:

People Don’t Care How Much You Know

Until They Know How Much You Care

This really is the Influence First Factor you should start using. Today.

It means you need to really PAUSE your own agenda, your litany of facts, reasons or other ideas you plan to impress upon the person you’d like to influence.

And simply check in with them, really connect and listen to where they are or how they are that day FIRST!

Seriously, I mean this in the kindest of ways … learn to SHUT UP more when you’re trying to influence someone. I’m still working on this myself – you know, not having 5 paragraphs of responses ready while the person is still answer your 1st question of “how are you doing?”

Sound familiar? (Grin)

It’s not impossible to take the time to truly connect with someone first. But it does take some discipline and awareness.

Have you been able to put this into place after reading this post? And how did it positively influence your interaction with that person?

Comment below so I can applaud you for taking action!