Day 9.

Here’s my daily Gratitude List. Today, I’m grateful for …

  1. Each day, each session and each chance I get to both serve & grow myself when wearing my Certified High Performance Coach hat
  2. The support, love and wisdom from my older sister, Tammy, as we worked together via phone in a scramble Tuesday night when we’d heard my dad had injured himself while caring for mom
  3. The support and kindness of great family friends – one helped get an ambulance for my dad while his wife sat with cared for my mom until I could pack up myself and my dogs to travel out there Tuesday night
  4. Despite lots of traffic and some very impatient drivers, getting back to my parents’ home calmly and safely
  5. Dad was released from the hospital later tonight to come home & be with me, mom and my dogs

What are you grateful for today? Practice the art of gratitude can help you reclaim your life, so why not start today?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara