It’s Day 5 of my 21-Day Gratitude Practice Challenge. The small yet important thinking & attitude habits I usually lean on are still getting a challenge. As I daily bring awareness to focusing (more) on what to be grateful for, the tendency to judge or find fault is being exposed. Hmm …

Here’s my Day 5 Gratitude List:

  1. Coffee this morning with two great friends I’ve known since college! Great to just sit, connect, talk and laugh with one another
  2. The availability and ease-of-use with so many apps or web sites for image editing & creation. Capabilities like that used to only be part of expensive & complicated software programs. No longer …
  3. Compliments and kind words on my posted progress photos. I still struggle with the perfectionist tendencies and wanting to hide a bit and not share them
  4. The power of music – how hearing a song or performance can remind me of the depth & emotion of musical expression. Powerful stuff
  5. The simple play and joy a puppy or dog can display – living in the now & just enjoying what’s right in their current environment

What are you grateful for today? Practice the art of gratitude can help you reclaim your life, so why not start today?
by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara