It’s Day 4 of my 21-Day Gratitude Practice Challenge. The small yet important thinking & attitude habits I usually lean on are still getting a challenge. As I daily bring awareness to focusing (more) on what to be grateful for, the tendency to judge or find fault is being exposed. Hmm …

Here’s my Day 4 Gratitude List:

  1. More peace between my older dog & puppy, especially for sleep time
  2. Consistent meal & snack planning makes my grocery shopping very quick & efficient! And I rarely have to have a list unless it’s for new recipes or unusual ingredients.
  3. The significance of the life & overall contributions from Nelson Mandela – the questions he asked & the awareness he helped to create during his life
  4. The results of all my various health-related habits as I’m still cold/flu-free. I keep hearing & seeing about so many that are sick, relapsing, etc.
  5. The wise words and reminders from a Kindle Book I’m reading currently from Bob Proctor, “It’s Not About The Money”. It’s amazing how much knowledge, learning & wisdom we can quickly get now with a click or two

What are you grateful for today? Practice the art of gratitude can help you reclaim your life, so why not start today?
by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara