It’s Day 3 of my 21-Day Gratitude Practice Challenge. I’m also finding that my promise to blog about this every day is helping me with squashing perfectionism more, too. Bonus!

Here’s my Day 3 Gratitude List:

  1. Hot, freshly made coffee here at home to enjoy after breakfast on a very chilly morning
  2. Randomly running into my friend, Crystal, this morning for kind words, support & a hug
  3. More creative ideas & solutions to current challenges showing up today! And the timing is directly related to the days where I pressure myself less and intentionally put gaps in schedule to just be, to just think. Self-compassion does help grow one’s creativity
  4. Amazing overall service & response from folks at new vendor company, SproutSocial – especially from my dedicated Product Specialist, Keenan. Real people genuinely wanting to help AND doing what they say they’ll do. What a concept!
  5. A great singing class tonight with my teacher, Vismaya. Progress is happening after lots of work to unlearn lots of bad/wrong information from before that I studied very diligently.

What are you grateful for today? Practice the art of gratitude can help you reclaim your life, so why not start today?
by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara