I’m keeping that Gratitude Practice alive! It is true as you start to bring more awareness to it at least once a day, then different things start to show up in your life.

Here’s my Day 2 Gratitude List:

  1. A very powerful session early in the morning while wearing my Certified High Performance™ Coach hat. It was a great example of teacher becomes student then teacher again
  2. A great Body Beast Bulk Legs workout! Intense yet no injuries – puppy was hanging out nearby, so glad she’s learning to steer clear during exercises
  3. Heater mostly worked & outside temps have been very chilly
  4. Had a few folks via social media tell me that my recent posts have inspired or encouraged them. Love hearing what helps others!
  5. An amazing wealth of information & tips during a 3-hour PPC2 Class from Sandi Krakowski. My journey as a Lifelong Student continues

What are you grateful for today? Practice the art of gratitude can help you reclaim your life, so why not start today?
by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara