Happy woman enjoying her freedom - isolated over white backgroun

A new week is definitely here! The year & month are still fairly new, too, but might start to feel a bit less new by now as you get back into your regular routines. Over the last couple of days, I’ve had some things happen around me that got me thinking about my next Reclaim Your Life blog post. And it’s this one.

I’ve certainly had PLENTY of times in the past where playing the victim or the martyr was both the role shown to me and one I ended up adopting for myself. If you’re a human being older than the age of 5, you’ve probably done it yourself at least once.

There are a few problems with that approach but I’ll only outline a few as a reminder:

  • It focuses on what you (probably) don’t want to see more of rather than what you’d like to see instead
  • It puts excuses and blame outwards towards others
  • It creates a helpless, judgmental and negative pattern for your life events

So, sure, if you’re focused on forward progress these would not be the things to do more of when adversity or frustrations come your way.

What to do instead?

You may not be able to completely change a current situation that is your obstacle but I bet you can find small ways in your life to choose to be victorious rather than a victim. That energy alone can start to shift things in your world, in your mind and in what comes your way next.

The next time something happens that starts to trigger that “Woe is me!” or Victim Role … STOP!

  • Figure out which parts are really yours that you can control
  • Ask yourself if a bigger reaction to the situation is really serving your ego OR your current priorities
  • Find something in your world where you can reclaim things for yourself. To be that confident, victorious person that controls their own life rather than being controlled by their life

And in doing this, you’ll be taking some more steps to Reclaim Your Life.