You already know there’s a lot of mis-information out there. Some if it is even WORSE because it has a hint of truth but is told in such a way to really distort the facts.

I’ve fallen into that trap, too.

Here are some of the biggest fitness myths I still see thrown around:

  1. MUST always happen at a gym
  2. MUST require lots of time per workout (and lots of time with a routine) before results are seen or felt
  3. MUST cause you lots of pain the next day if you’re going to see results
  4. MUST be done only if you’re within a certain age range
  5. MUST not be started until you’re in decent shape

#1 is one I had held onto for a very, very long time. I thought I had to go to the gym to truly get a workout in for myself.

I also thought I had to spend LOTS of time per workout – at least an hour or so for a weight-training session followed by 30+ mins of cardio. This meant a trip to the gym (plus driving to/from and showering and waiting for equipment during workouts) became a large time investment.

Even though I was very stubborn to explore for myself what was possible outside of my rigid thinking, I’m really glad I did as I not only learned some things but now can attack my fitness goals with much more efficiency now. Efficiency is almost always a big convincer for me.

Are you still carrying some of those above as a myth yourself? It’s possible you’d rather use a myth as an excuse than step into some courage to truly see what’s possible for you.

Or, maybe you’re just convinced that you really know “this stuff” by now, so what you think should be kept and set in stone. (That was me.)

by Sean O’Meara