Keep it real, keep it challenging, keep it personally relevant to your life

This advice can be used in many of your Life Areas but today I’m focusing in on how it applies to your exercise activities.

Sure, we’ve all heard “No pain, no gain” which is a great, catchy phrase but can be a bit misleading, too.

Let’s get a bit more specific so you can use it more powerfully in your own life.

Basic Tips:

  • You should feel challenged but not truly fearful for your life

  • Whether it’s a cardio move, a yoga asana or a weight-lifting exercise – find the ways to be FULLY in it each time. If it’s so easy you can check-out, you’re not really “in” your workout time

  • If it starts to get too easy, use a way to increase the intensity safely (less recovery time, move more deeply into the stretch, add to the weight, increase the reps, etc.)

  • Progress, not perfection. On some days, the “challenge” itself may be to simply get through your routine to keep consistency going – lack of sleep, dehydration, improper nutrition and other factors may temporarily lower your reserves

Be honest – have you truly been present and challenging yourself with every rep, workout our exercise routine this week? Probably not. I haven’t but I use the tips above to constantly and consistently dance the dance for my own, personal progress.

You can, too. Today