It’s almost ALWAYS the first thing.

The first thing you SHOULD be doing …

But you put it aside.

And the health experts ALL agree on this habit.

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So, what’s the FIRST habit that health experts suggest to people that want to lose weight? Or help reduce a bunch of other health risks?

Get Regular Sleep.

Yes, good ole sleep. And don’t start telling me that you really don’t need that much sleep to “get by”. I hear people make that excuse all the time. They also tend to be stressed, sick a lot, not at their ideal weight and rather distracted. There is a connection …

All the research is out there, so I’m not going to bother reciting all those facts again. Just know the research is solid.

If you’re wanting to have more overall energy in your life, you need to be way more strategic about getting proper sleep each night. There’s a vicious cycle I see a lot with people in denial about their sleep habits. It looks something like this:

  • You keep “trying” to get more done, do it all and end of up going to bed much later
  • You go to bed still with LOTS of things of things bouncing around your brain
  • Your sleep is both low-quality (related to habits prior to bed) and not enough
  • You get out of bed the next day cranky, tired and not really ready for the day
  • Sugar? Lots of caffeine just to function? Sweets? Lots of “comfort” processed carbs? Check, check and check
  • Your lack of proper sleep PLUS your body missing nutrients and crashing from the “stuff” above, you “try” to get through your day but your clarity and energy cannot show up
  • MORE sugar, caffeine, processed foods (to get your “hit”) help you in short bursts but that’s all
  • You end your day “trying” to get more done but you really didn’t. You go to bed later
  • Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Does even part of that list look familiar to you? Or maybe someone in your life? It’s pretty common.

If you’d like more energy each day to bring to your life, your goals, here’s the ONE habit I promised you can start TODAY to shift the cycle.

Set a daily, repeating alarm for when you TURN OFF and go to sleep

That’s it. That’s a great start for you to be more strategic about your energy as a start.

Do you have a friend or loved one that could use this habit? Tell them you care enough about them to share some tough love and this tip. Today.