We often make some things WAY more complicated.

Back to basics can be super smart.

Especially if the basics are solid.

Or even small and liquid.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m *still* not as good about this as I could be.

But I’m getting better and better. And I feel and notice the difference.

Your overall success in life is built upon a set of habits, some glamorous and some not so much.

Hydration may seem silly, simple or not worth thinking about that much.

If you want to be constantly improving and protecting your energy, then you’ll realize your proper hydration is not silly at all.

People are spending BILLIONS a year on energy drinks rather than first getting some simple habits in place first to help. Now THAT’S silly.

More sleep and proper hydration does wonders for energy! And those two things don’t really cost that much, involve sugar or ingesting extra chemicals. Hmmm …

Here are a few quick tips to help you drip more helpful hydration habits into your life today:

  • START your day with two glasses of water
  • Getting up from your desk for a short break? To use the bathroom? Have another glass of water (hint – this habit is, uhh, self-propelling after a while)
  • Feeling a bit tired & hungry during the work day? Have another glass of water BEFORE grabbing a sugary snack or more caffeine
  • Eating soon? Have a glass or two 30 mins prior to meal but not during. (Extra water while eating actually hinders digestion by diluting gastric juices. It’s a timing thing for hydration here.)
  • Ready to plop in front of television with some snacking indulgences? Drink a glass of water, do some physical around the house (cleaning/decluttering) and THEN see if still feel you want that couch plopping, face stuffing with snack time in front of the tv

Pick one or two of these reminders that you will COMMIT to this week for yourself!

If you have someone you care about that you’re betting is NOT great with their hydration habits, share this post to help them get back on track. They might even thank you. (Grin)