Eat That Frog!

No, this is not a “click-bait” animal rights promotion.

Or an “odd” National Holiday that somehow made into our culture.

Some of you have heard this about the High Performance Topic of Productivity.

But not everyone has.

So here’s a short post to introduce you to it.

Eat That Frog …

The basic description of this term is:

  • Take your biggest, GNARLIEST goal or task for the day
  • Attack it FIRST to get it done
  • Then, the rest of the day “goes down” much easier after tackling your least appetizing things first

Eat. That. Frog.

So, now you know about what that term means.

And if you’ve already heard about it, are you doing it consistently?!

Use this post to remind you to start doing it more consistently.

The “Eat That Frog” Productivity Habit is one of many that you need to build into your routines if you want to grow and live as a High Performer.