Do the SCARY thing

If you’re not already making this a regular habit, it’s time.

And not just because it’s the month of October, Halloween and scary movie premiers.

Your High Performance Life gets built day by day BUT only if you’re growing as a person consistently.

Let me be clear here … Doing the SCARY thing does not mean doing the scary yet stupid thing.

(Hopefully, most of you understand the difference.)

Here are some tips I use for myself about choosing or selecting  the ‘scary’ things to do regularly:

  • Does it both scare me & excite me?
  • Will it help me grow as a person?
  • Will it help me be more courageous, more authentic in my life?
  • Will it help me move closer to an important goal or priority?
  • Are the potential set backs relatively small compared to the potential gains?

As you’re reading this, you might have a few things that are starting to pop up in your mind that you know you should start or do but you’ve been putting off out of fear.

The Mental Muscle of choosing courage gets stronger ONLY when you exercise it regularly

Exercise your Mental Muscle of Courage!