Cultivating Authenticity - Reclaim Your Life

Cultivating Authenticity – Reclaim Your Life

As you continue to take steps to Reclaim Your Life, you will benefit greatly from cultivating self-compassion.

The reality check question is … Do you ever (or regularly) talk to yourself in a way that you’d NEVER do to a loved one?

It’s a sobering question for some.

I’ll be completely honest and say that this is my biggest personal struggle right now. As I’ve been reading about these ideas again during the eCourse, I’m doing things differently to truly create change.

  • I’ve been talking about it online (so now I have to follow-through)
  • I’ve been mentioning to certain people in my life when talking in person
  • I’ve added it to my Weekly/Daily Register (yep – I keep track of how many times per day & per week I’m actually exercising this, just like other habits I’m adopting & tracking)

For some of you, perhaps you already do a pretty good job with this already. Can you improve upon it? In a progress, not perfection, kind of way?

If you see this post, recall a time this day or week where you did not talk to yourself with compassion, don’t use THAT as a reason to beat yourself up again! That would be a viscous cycle. Trust me on that one …

Instead, you could:

  • Quietly reflect that you did not cultivate self-compassion at that time
  • Commit to yourself that you intend to show more of that with your new awareness

And you’ve already put the idea of cultivating self-compassion into action already.

I look forward to reading how some of  you start cultivating self-compassion as you Reclaim Your Life!

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara