Reclaim Your Life

Commitment does mean different things to do different people. For some, writing or saying “I’m committed” is commitment.

For others, publicly saying or writing “I’m committed” is the slight difference in their definition.

When I was younger, those definitions above were how I usually defined commitment. Now, it MUST include action steps that actually resonate with the words spoken or written. As you’ve heard, “Saying the thing is one thing – actually doing the thing is a different thing.”


Here are attributes I now consider a vital part of commitment:

  • For true commitment out there, it must be fully felt in “there”. If it’s going to create results in the real world, it needs to be something you’ve embraced & not put upon you. Otherwise, you’ll be dragging every step of the way.
  • It must include action steps consistently – especially during the times when it’s difficult and no one is watching
  • The commitment “muscle” is an important life shock absorber, not just for one particular project

What’s your definition of commitment? Has yours changed over time as life & experiences showed up in your life? How can you alter your definition AND actions for commitment to reclaim your life starting today?


by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara