Collecting Wounded Birds

I was doing some of my personal development listening today while cleaning up papers in my office when I heard that term again:

Collecting Wounded Birds

I’d heard it several times before but I was in a different place with my own awareness today. And I got a new insight today that may help you as well. Let me explain a bit more …

There’s nothing wrong with helping someone in need. In fact, we already know from lots of history & studies that this lifelong habit helps people not only live healthier lives but also happier ones.

It’s only a problem if you’re so busy collecting (and healing) wounded (human) birds that you’re completely neglecting your own needs or wounds.

If you take an honest look at your life and realize you’ve had a pattern of collecting wounded birds, you might be ignoring or covering up your own wounds. It’s always MUCH easier to analyze & help someone we see that is in need. It also can feel “good” that we’re doing something positive in the world.

But if you’re not doing that for yourself first, then that’s a problem.

I’ve had lots of wounded birds in my life. I realize now that in some ways, I thought if I helped enough wounded birds my own (ignored) emotional wounds would magically disappear & things would be fine.

Not true.

We can never outsource our own real, inner work. We can get support, tips & wisdom from others but the real work still has to be ours.