The person (or behavior) reflected back may not be so pretty.

Even if it’s JUST for that second of reaction.

But the judging part won’t really help reveal the clue.

We’re receiving clues each day to help us but most would rather crack the mirror.

When I first read about this idea to use for my own personal growth, it made sense but I didn’t really like it.

I mean, really, I’m not responsible for all those people and things “out there”, so why should I look at all of that as somehow related to me?

Something inside me, about how I’m thinking or what I’m not accepting right now?

I trusted the author of the book, so I thought I could “try out” this mirror principle somehow for a week to see if it made a difference at all.

It did.

Here’s how to use the “clues” that show up every day to create more clarity in your own life:

Embrace the Mirror Principle:

The world is constantly reflecting things back to you about YOU!

If you really embrace this idea even just for a short period of time, it shifts things:

  • You start looking FIRST at your own behaviors and reactions
  • You start taking more responsibility for your life
  • You start gaining more clarity about your own, initial reactions and behaviors to certain people
  • You see that gaining more clarity is NOT always pretty. Or fun. But it still grows your awareness

It’s always easier to start with a reaction of pointing a finger at someone or something else. That does take much clarity or wisdom.

But if you’re wanting to truly grow as a person and live like it matters, you’re going to have to do the work. This includes using ALL the daily clues that give you more Clarity and allow you to see either what you’re stuck on still or what you need to work on next.

Don’t punch the mirror.

Take a moment to see the clue that’s been reflected in the mirror to create more clarity for yourself.

Are you going to START using this Mirror Principle this week for yourself? If you did, what Clarity Clue was reflected back to you? Please share your comment below to help others as they start to look for clues as well!