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Creating Clarity

This week is going to be pretty busy, right? Last week wasn’t much different. And next week (unless vacation) will be, too. Does that make you feel overwhelmed? It might. And it’s also a good thing you’ve stumbled here today. Today, you’ll be getting a simple way to start creating more clarity in your life.

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7-Tips to Combat Overwhelm

  We live in a time with a HUGE abundance of information, knowledge, opportunities and, yes, distractions. There was a time when there were just a few channels in your local TV guide. Now, most cable or satellite television offerings have nearly 1,000 total possible channels depending on your package level. Overwhelming. There are also

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Do the SCARY Thing. Today.

Do the SCARY thing If you're not already making this a regular habit, it's time. And not just because it's the month of October, Halloween and scary movie premiers. Your High Performance Life gets built day by day BUT only if you're growing as a person consistently. Let me be clear here ... Doing the

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The Lens of ‘Failure’

I hear from so many people that they still are OR are working past the Prison of Perfectionism. I am, too. It does not get created in one day AND breaking down those walls takes some time. Here are some quick tips that help remind me how to adjust my lens of how I view

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The Juggling Act

Juggling Too Much? I sure have been guilty of this in the past. And sometimes it's easier to justify it to ourselves by saying we're JUST juggling things that are noble, important and a priority. If EVERYTHING is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority. Tough Love. It's true that we have so many things

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Mind-Set Matters

  We hear people talking about it. I also know that seeing specific examples of it can change things and help remind us we need to work on our own Mind-Set. Exercise AND Mind-Set affect health - here's just one recent study that details how the added layer of mind-set made the same set of physical

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Prison Of Perfectionism

Once you starting chipping away at something, you start to notice how long or how thick the wall from it is. That's certainly been true as I started a couple years back to break through my Prison of Perfectionism. Many of us have built our own Prison Of Perfectionism over time. The good news is

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Busting Through

  The safe life or the caged life is not about busting through - it's all about KEEPING things as much the same as possible, controlling as much as you can and living from a place of fear, not growth. We've all spent time there. Some stay in this Caged Life for nearly their entire lives.

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My Vacation Agenda

People approach vacations very differently. Some MUST have the entire thing mapped out, perfectly planned & orchestrated or they don't feel ready. Other folks are happy to have some  basics in place (flights & hotel) and then completely wing all the rest. For those that know me well, it's no surprise that I have tended

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