Influence First Factor

It's not about slick talking. OR even talking loudly. In fact, it's often rather quiet from the perspective of your voice. One of your most important tools for creating more influence actually isn't about speech preparation at ALL. Even if you're not aware of it every day, you're attempting to influence people

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The Productivity Tip Most Ignore

It's actually a tip you've heard of ... But you've probably ignored it. Or announced to others that "you're different." Unless you're a piece of hardware, you need this tip. It's okay - you can start it with small doses. It's hard to break the "addiction".  I know. Just because you've

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Courage Isn’t Always LOUD

Quick!! What animal comes to mind when you think of "courage"? A sloth? A panda? If you're like most, you probably thought LION. And it's loud roar. A small fish probably didn't come to mind. Whether it's a Hollywood movie trailer or a cartoon, courage is almost always shown in a

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Creating Clarity

This week is going to be pretty busy, right? Last week wasn’t much different. And next week (unless vacation) will be, too. Does that make you feel overwhelmed? It might. And it’s also a good thing you’ve stumbled here today. Today, you’ll be getting a simple way to start creating more clarity in your life.

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Tips for Failing Forward

  For many of us, when we hear that word, we start think negatively. We will often think about a regrettable, pitiful person that is continually down on their "luck" and labeled a "failure." Many of us personalize that word and use it to describe permanent conditions around a person. Not true ... As I

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Collecting Wounded Birds

Collecting Wounded Birds I was doing some of my personal development listening today while cleaning up papers in my office when I heard that term again: Collecting Wounded Birds I'd heard it several times before but I was in a different place with my own awareness today. And I got a new insight today that

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Success Speed Limits

Success "Speed" Limits You know what's really annoying?! Having someone put limits and barriers in your way as you're making progress. You know what's even MORE annoying?! When that someone is YOU. There are enough distractions, barriers and challenges coming at us from other people. We really don't need to add more of our own.

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