Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog! No, this is not a "click-bait" animal rights promotion. Or an "odd" National Holiday that somehow made into our culture. Some of you have heard this about the High Performance Topic of Productivity. But not everyone has. So here's a short post to introduce you to it.

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4 Key Questions For Creating Clarity

4-Key Questions For Creating Clarity Creating clarity in your life is like many other bits of personal development. And bathing. In other words, it's not just a "one and done" type of event. If you are working on your mindset and inner dialogue ...

4 Key Questions For Creating Clarity2018-01-23T10:45:09-08:00

My 5 Insights from Mile 25

My 5-Key Insights from Mile 25 of Marathon last Sunday You've heard that success, or even just the grind of it as an entrepreneur is like running a marathon. But the 5 Key Insights I got at mile 25 this past Sunday were a bit different. And very specific. The annoying

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Reflection Season

Happy Holidays! The end of the year is a GREAT time and season to reflect, review, and reconnect. We can reconnect not only with the people that matter but ... Also, the best of who we are that we've let get covered up with the daily drudge. Can you relate? We

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The 3-Major Differences Between Accountability & Coaching

You often hear both of these terms talked about at the same time. Both are great! And each one of us benefits from them. But they're not exactly the same ... Keep reading to see the 3-Major Differences between just Accountability versus Coaching. I know I use both accountability and coaching

The 3-Major Differences Between Accountability & Coaching2017-02-15T13:30:27-08:00

The 3-Major Pieces of Habit Formation

Our lives get built in directions over time ... It's not really about "lucky" breaks if you look at all the pieces. It really happens day after day with the habits we choose. Keep reading to see the 3-Pieces of Habits! Habit formation is very much like a 3-legged stool ... As

The 3-Major Pieces of Habit Formation2017-02-15T13:30:27-08:00

The Silent Inconvenient Truth About Your Influence

Influence isn't JUST about how you do or don't affect others. The biggest influence we truly control each day is with ourselves. And, many of us are SILENTLY killing our own efforts each day. Are you one of them? Keep reading to find out ... The truth is ... the words

The Silent Inconvenient Truth About Your Influence2017-06-01T13:41:02-07:00

Your Verbal Sword

Yes, your reptilian brain is still alive & well. Don't hate it. It served a purpose for humans to survive, develop & grow. However, it sometimes can be a dragon that needs to be slain ... If only temporarily, for the non-emergency. You've probably heard or read this already but it's

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Integrity As An Influence Muscle

Have you ever met someone that did this? That said one thing, did another? You probably curled up your nose at them. Or, at least, totally disregarded what they'd said to you They probably weren't using this influence muscle  ... The truth is, we don't believe the message if we don't believe the

Integrity As An Influence Muscle2017-02-15T13:30:27-08:00

Just Say “No”

"No" is not always a negative response. I've had to REALLY work on myself to "get" this. Maybe you've already mastered this tip. Or, maybe you're (still) a recovering People Pleaser? This productivity tip has really helped me ... Before I call out the productivity tip again, here are some reminders

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