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Run Your Business – Don’t Let It Run You

  I've mentioned it before and it's true - I still struggle with perfectionism AND having workaholic tendencies. These are entrenched habits. That means when I'm feeling stressed, tired or a bit out of sorts I'll still fall back to them because they're the most familiar. Not because they're necessarily the most helpful at the

Run Your Business – Don’t Let It Run You2017-02-15T13:30:30-08:00

Plant. Cultivate. Harvest

One of the habits that is key as you reclaim your life is to study from others who have found success. Success leaves clues ... I’ve recently re-read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and have really found it to be really inspiring. One idea that is both elegant and powerful: Plant. Cultivate. Harvest. This

Plant. Cultivate. Harvest2017-02-15T13:30:36-08:00

Power of NO

Are you ready to consider or take some steps to reclaim your life? If YES, then you may need to reconsider NO. It seems like many of us still don't have the proper understanding of the word NO. Some of us fear hearing it when making a request and let that fear regularly stop us in

Power of NO2017-02-15T13:30:36-08:00

Want A Partner In Accountability?

Accountability Is What Sets Beachbody Apart! The story below is one from a few years back, before we had the big social networks. Since then, the bonds of new relationships and accountability partners has grown even greater, thus your opportunity for success!  This is a unique time in history, where relationships are cultivated while sitting

Want A Partner In Accountability?2017-02-15T13:30:36-08:00

Coaching Do’s & Dont’s: Listen More Than You Talk

You've got two ears and one mouth, right? Spend your energy like that to listen AT LEAST twice as much as you speak. Minimum. Really listen to people As both a Team Beachbody Coach & a Certified High Performance™ Coach, I really understand better about what things do and don't work well overall with people

Coaching Do’s & Dont’s: Listen More Than You Talk2017-02-15T13:30:36-08:00

P90X/Insanity Hybrid Results

I officially finished my Fall P90X/Insanity Hybrid Round last week (Dec 2011)! It was the first time I'd done a hybrid round but I really enjoyed it. I think P90X is a great framework and had done two rounds already before starting Insanity. Insanity was a new set of challenges but a fantastic cardio-cranking program!

P90X/Insanity Hybrid Results2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

P90X Graduate!

P90X - Round 1 My P90X transformation story is different from most in the physical sense. I was already in pretty good shape, exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc. No major complaints but had plateaued in terms of my gym workouts. However, the other areas of my life were extremely challenging and weighing me down heavily.

P90X Graduate!2017-02-15T13:30:37-08:00

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