a wall is broken through by a fist

The safe life or the caged life is not about busting through – it’s all about KEEPING things as much the same as possible, controlling as much as you can and living from a place of fear, not growth.

We’ve all spent time there.

Some stay in this Caged Life for nearly their entire lives.

The great news is that once you find an area where you can start to reclaim your life and bust through, it helps you do that even more for other parts of your life. The initial momentum creates more momentum.

Busting Through.

It’s also a lot easier to stay consistent with your efforts to bust through to your more vibrant and authentic life by focusing on why you’re ready to bust through. And less about what you’re busting through currently.

This is your wake-up call.

  • What have you been wanting to step into next but have been afraid of starting?
  • What action both scares you and excites you?

That marks the “spot” in the wall of your caged life that you should bust through now. Aren’t you ready to reclaim your life?