Reclaim Your Life

I was out in the garden the other morning reflecting on Life Stuff while watering and checking on the plants. As I thought back on the last few years, I had a slight shift in my thinking and realized it all had let me break open, not down. I’d heard that phrase before but it did not mean much to me until that morning when I could  feel it myself.

Break Open.

So many times, we’re used to hearing and saying that “life broke me down” or “this person crushed me, broke me.” I have, too. A lot.

Until I stopped. I really understand now that all the situations & people that crash or careen into our lives have the chance to be a lesson for us IF WE CHOOSE. An opportunity of growth.

A chance to Break Open.

This does not mean it’s always fun or easy or anticipated or deserved.

It just is.

Our personal power always comes from our ability to choose. It’s taken me a couple of years to really frame a whole set of things in this way for myself but I finally have now. (More of that in this previous blog post.)

What kinds of  things do you say when “life happens” to you? Can you start to say these things instead?

  • I am stronger than my circumstances
  • I got knocked down but I’m not going to stay down: I choose to get right back up
  • I can choose to learn from this and break open to a more authentic me
  • I’ve been hit & bruised but I’m not broken down, I’m breaking open

As I thought about all of this to put into a blog post, I saw my small yet growing hibiscus plant and the timing seemed perfect!

Later in the day & at night, the short-lived blossoms are clenched tightly shut. Protected, closed off, frail-looking and drab in color. But in the morning, when they break open they are vulnerable and exposed, yes, but also gorgeous, vibrant and authentic.

I snapped a picture as a reminder to myself and to share with this post. The next time you have a “life happens” moment, how can you start to choose to let it break you open more?

As  you continue on your journey to reclaim your life, the more quickly you can start to use “life happens” to break open, the more quickly you can grow personally to let more of your unique light shine.

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara