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Book-End Your Days

Many people spent time at the end of the year to start reflecting on what they will choose to do and start creating in their lives for the New Year. I did, too.

It’s always time well spent.

You don’t need lots of time OR the New Year to create clarity throughout the year.

One of the habits I’ve both reviewed & re-committed to this year is to intentionally …Book-End My Day. This helps in a number of ways but I find for me it truly helps with clarity, productivity and letting go. There are a number of things you can put into the START or END Bookend for your day but here are a few, quick ideas to choose from to start this week:

START Bookend

  • 5 minutes reviewing your planned priorities for the day
  • 10 minutes spent with some quick journaling – ideas & inspiration for the day that appeal to you NOW
  • 15 minutes in meditation
  • 30 minutes JUST reading (not multi-tasking!) some personal growth or success-focused content

END Bookend

  • 5 minutes planning your priorities for the next day
  • 10 minutes spent with some gratitude journaling
  • 15 minutes in meditation

There are plenty of other ideas that might work for you, but these are some of the most common, powerful and practical ones you could start today.

Are you committed enough to reclaim your life? What will you choose for yourself?

Share your commitment in the comments below to inspire others and create some accountability!