Last week, I started my 3rd Round of Body Beast. And, yes, as a vegan just to show what’s possible with a vegan athlete diet!

So, it’s only been one week. I did no expect a completely different body or crazy results. But I am pleased that I’m already starting to see some small improvements even after just one week.

I only took one week off between rounds between even with that, I can feel the difference. I’m focusing even more on proper hydration and nutrition for this round. I’m actually pre-planning meals and snacks into a spreadsheet BEFORE the new week starts! Yes, that might sound like a bit much but it’s not that difficult. It also helps me by:

  • Letting me see ahead of time what the approximate daily caloric targets will be before the day even arrives
  • Helps me do meal planning & cooking ahead of time in an efficient manner
  • Helps me put together a focused shopping list before I head out to the store

Another thing I’ll be doing this round is more social media sharing of the tips & hints I’ve learned along the way, especially the snacks and meals I’ve modified from Body Beast Nutrition Guide (and elsewhere) to be part of my vegan athlete diet.

If you’re doing Body Beast yourself or are curious about some of the specifics I’m using for my current round, be sure to send me a question via the contact form. Always happy to share practical tips to help!