I received a new customer from Beachbody recently. It was crucial for her to lose weight and she had lost some belief in herself and her ability to do this. She was counting on her Beachbody program of choice to both help her lose weight and gain some hope. It was TurboFire time for her …

I kept in close contact with her via email (since that worked best for her) and she took next steps. She kept with the program, sweat like crazy but felt great! Her energy was better, the weight was going away and her hope and belief in herself grew.

I heard from her recently and though she’s not at her ideal weight (yet!!) she has lost lots of weight by now as well as regained confidence and a positive energy vibe that is priceless. I did not give up on her but helped her be accountable and feel supported. And with that, she took off on her first set of fitness goals!!

She had lost belief in herself. We all go through that from time-to-time. It’s part of being human. As her coach, I could sense that as well as her conviction to really change things this round.

I was her Belief Booster to help her get past the initial hump.

I love being a Beachbody Coach!! No one can do it alone and a supportive person can make all the difference.

My most enjoyable reward from this? Her email thanking me for believing in her when she’d lost the ability to do that herself. That made my day …

Helping people make their lives better through fitness and nutrition. This is why I coach.

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by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara