Did you ever forge a permission slip as a child?

For a field trip at school you’d forgotten about?

Or one your parents might not have approved of?

Don’t worry, this is not to get you in retroactive trouble.

Today, we’ll talk about a different kind of Permission Slip

It’s my birthday this week!

No, I’m not announcing that to secretly influence you to seek out my public Amazon.com wish list and shop away.


I’m announcing it because it’s part of the story of this blog post.

And some High Performance Living in ACTION I hope will help inspire you to do some as well.

I’ve been getting the hints myself and from people close to me that I really need to stop working so hard all the time.

That I really need to find ways to do less, enjoy life and simply PLAY while I’m also working towards my various goals.

For at least this next year in my life, I’m giving myself a much-needed Permission Slip.

The Permission Slip to Play More in life – this is my birthday gift to myself starting this week.

It’s really what I need next. Your needed Permission Slip might be similar.

Or very different.

Maybe you’ve disconnected with something that is truly yours. And you need to give yourself permission again to connect with IT and yourself again.

Here are a few possible Permission Slips you might need to write for yourself:

  1. I’m allowed to enjoy PLAY more often
  2. I’m allowed to more seriously pursue a passion of mine that naysayers say is silly
  3. I’m allowed to take time to do LESS and simply be a human BEing with the people that matter
  4. I’m allowed to find ways to live a life, not just a résumé
  5. I’m allowed to be more of who I am so more people can connect with what’s real

What is your Permission Slip? You don’t have to wait for your birthday (like me) to give this gift to yourself. Just choose today to write it out and start making it real …

Comment below with the Permission Slip you’re finally going to write for yourself!