You often hear both of these terms talked about at the same time.

Both are great! And each one of us benefits from them.

But they’re not exactly the same …

Keep reading to see the 3-Major Differences between just Accountability versus Coaching.

I know I use both accountability and coaching regularly in my own life.

Sure, there’s some overlap between the two BUT there are some important differences. It helps to be reminded of these so you can choose what is best for your situation or plan.

Let’s look at the Who/What/How List for each to see the differences between them:


  1. Accountability Partners are essentially Peers
  2. Accountability Partners are usually working on something “off-the-shelf” – a fitness program, a book, an eCourse, etc.
  3. Accountability Partners are “free” – you’re exchanging support/time, not dollars


  1. A Coach is Focused Just On YOU, the Client
  2. A Coach BUILDS a program and plan with you and for you – specialized
  3. You pay for a Coach – you’ve got “skin in the game” for tailored action for your results

Subtle but important differences.

Has this cleared up some confusion you’ve had about accountability versus coaching? If so, I’d love to read your “a-ha” moment comment below!!