Our lives get built in directions over time …

It’s not really about “lucky” breaks if you look at all the pieces.

It really happens day after day with the habits we choose.

Keep reading to see the 3-Pieces of Habits!

Habit formation is very much like a 3-legged stool …

As a Coach, I’m constantly helping people examine, dive into, create & continue with habits.

This includes:

  • STARTING the habits they know they need for their goals
  • STOPPING or CHANGING the habits that don’t serve them for now

And, of course, helping figure which habits or things to delay or put off for now until other things are in place.

Lots of activity around habit building blocks.

Here’s the quick list of the 3 Major Needed Pieces for Habit Formation (and consistency):

  1. Desire: why do I want to start doing this thing?
  2. Knowledge: how do I start doing this thing?
  3. Skills: how do I best KEEP doing this thing consistently in a way that works for me?

I know it helps me to remember these three pieces. It helps me understand which areas for me are strong OR where I’ve possibly not built things up enough.

There’s a lot more I can share and help with when it comes to habits but this starting list for habit formation is a great way for you to build your own awareness around habits.

If you’ve never seen these 3 major pieces for habit formation and it’s helped, please share your comments below! I love seeing light bulbs go off for people …