As a Fit Life / High Performance Coach, integrity is a very important thread I weave throughout all that I do. Each of us is on our own unique journey and a work in progress. In order to Reclaim Your Life, you’re going to have to do some uncomfortable work. And perhaps more than once. The huge payoff is just past where fear & uncomfortable-ness live. But I’m jumping ahead …

I can say that making changes goes much easier once you actually start AND if you break it into small chunks that do not feel so daunting themselves. The all-or-nothing attitude can stop you right in your tracks.

I’m constantly giving myself challenges in various areas to not just grow & develop personally but also to share wisdom, struggles and tips with others. I’m an avid reader and regularly read, tackle and work through a few books a month. I figure sharing some of that will help others. Perhaps YOU!

So here we go.

I need to write up my review of Brendon Burchard‘s “The Charge” to post on my blog eventually. For now, I’m simply going to share specific I’m working on from it and invite others to “try on” some of the homework themselves.

It’s free, it’s interactive, it’s social media.

How Will It Work?

  • Every week during my trial with this, I’ll share a blog post like this via Twitter and Facebook with a basic introduction so you can start to think about the things as they may apply to your life
  • Each day, I’ll post at least one new thread on my Facebook Page to introduce a challenge/focus for the day so you can get started, ask questions and report on what you’ve found with it.

You can totally commit yourself and check my  Facebook Page daily in the morning to look for your homework BEFORE you get too far into your day. If you’re not aware, you can mark a page/group as a Favorite to more easily see in your news feed by doing the following after you’ve liked my Facebook Page:


You can swoop in when you want or think about it. Perhaps when you hear your co-worker txting in the nearby cubicle. Or when you receive an email that makes you feel like you’ve got no control over your world. You choose!

I will be offering even more focused & intense versions of these types of challenges as 2013 progresses but this gives more people a flexible way to dip their toes in … because some prefer that way to start.

So, are you ready without knowing the specifics? Are you ready to consider some steps to Reclaim Your Life?

Make sure to check back to my Facebook Page on Monday morning, February 4th, to find the Weekly Start Blog post …