Body Beast – Round 2 (still vegan)

Yesterday marked the start of Week 2 for me! And, yes, I’m planning to share a bit more during this round for my own accountability and to help others. My 1st round in 2012 went reasonably well but I always learn more about nutrition and the exercises as I go through the program.

The 1st week has gone well overall – no injuries, lots of good strength & energy for the workouts, etc. The nutrition for Body Beast was the biggest challenge last round, so I’m definitely planning more and using what I learned last time for this 2nd round.

Beachbody is always improving it’s products – many fitness programs now have at least a little, if not a lot, for either vegetarians or vegans in the nutrition guide. Body Beast is not as far along, so this is another reason I’m sharing my journey as I go since I’m one of the few vegans attacking it. Again.

My weight is already up 1lb, legs are up 0.25″ already and other muscle measurements are starting to trend upward already. This is a great start in my book!

As time goes on, I’ll also be sharing my vegan-ized version of some of the Body Beast recipes in case that helps other folks, vegan or otherwise, see how they might make the nutrition work for them.