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A Birthday Present To Yourself

Did you ever forge a permission slip as a child? For a field trip at school you'd forgotten about? Or one your parents might not have approved of? Don't worry, this is not to get you in retroactive trouble. Today, we'll talk about a different kind of Permission Slip It's my

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Living From Your Strengths

It is an art form ... Using it (or them) as a TOOL! Not as a weapon against yourself. Living from them. Focused & intentionally. Are you? There are lots of online and book versions of Strength Finders and tests. Maybe you've seen, done or read one already for yourself. Nice! That's

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Lead. Don’t Lecture

Sometimes people do need to be lectured. Even you! But most of the time that type of "influence" lands short. And drives people away from exactly where you were hoping to lead ... Maybe your early experiences around Influence were different from mine. For me? Both the definition and how it got

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Let’s Connect

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