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Your Courage, Your Definition

We all want to show more courage, right? And we see LOTS of examples in movies. We see an ongoing stream of it via social media. Don't let those examples trip you up. Why do I say that? Because it's YOUR Courage, you need to choose. Not someone else's display of

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Energy Drips

We often make some things WAY more complicated. Back to basics can be super smart. Especially if the basics are solid. Or even small and liquid. I'll be the first to admit that I'm *still* not as good about this as I could be. But I'm getting better and better. And

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  • Some more tips for putting this all together for your own High Performance

Now, You’re On A Roll

CONGRATULATIONS! You're at the final post and recording for this series. Never forget to celebrate your mini-successes. Most people start lots of things but finish few. But not you. Watch to my video where I share the details about how to put all these tips to use every day! Without having to make an intense commitment. It's like

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  • Quick Tips on Courage from a Certified High Performance Coach

Choosing Courage For Your Own Life

Glad you're still here for this series! In this next video, I share 3 Quick Tips for Choosing Your Own Courage. And a quick, challenge to put the tips into ACTION today. [Did you end up starting with this post & video? But didn't get your free High Performance worksheet? Not a problem ... You can go

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  • Energy Tips for your High Performance Life!

Creating More Energy

Welcome back! In this next video, I talk about some of the hard facts about energy - fake and real. And, one tip to help you start to approach probably THE most important habit around Energy, according to nearly all health experts. [Did you end up starting with this post & video? But didn't get

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  • Simple yet powerful tip for choosing Clarity. Today

Creating Clarity. Today

Welcome! I've recorded a short (under 4 mins) video for you where I share a simple yet powerful tip for Choosing Clarity for yourself. Today. What are your words you're choosing for yourself? Share in the comments below!

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The Clue In The Mirror

The person (or behavior) reflected back may not be so pretty. Even if it's JUST for that second of reaction. But the judging part won't really help reveal the clue. We're receiving clues each day to help us but most would rather crack the mirror. When I first read about this idea

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