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Ready, Fire, Aim!

  One of the biggest challenges most of us face right now is an overwhelming amount of choices. It can be either mildly distracting or completely paralyzing. And once you're starting to look at making changes in your life & doing something new, the number of options can stop you right in your tracks. As

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My Coaching Elements

There are almost as many types of coaches out there as there are personality types. When you're looking for someone to start working with, it will need to be someone that pushes you yet respects you - someone you may love to hate at times but also continually helps you progress. My Coaching Style has

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Step Away from the …

Reality check time ... Do you keep your smartphone on your nightstand? Do you check it as one of the first things you do as you start your day each morning? You're not alone.  But I'm no longer with you. Let me explain more. I'll be honest and say I'm as geeky as they come.

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Back To Basics: Snacks

Life is already complicated enough as it is ... the daily habits for healthy & tasty nutrition don't have to be complicated. It's time to get Back To Basics with some simple ideas you can start to weave into your crazy, daily routine! You can either plan ahead for success OR accept the long-term price

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