time to simply be

time to simply be

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments – not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It’s about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan.

Scheduling Time to Simply Be

For the people that know me in real life, you know that I tend to (naturally) be very high-energy, animated, etc. I know part of this comes from my regular exercise, healthy nutrition and other healthy habits.

I also know that it comes from me both creating & allowing time for myself to Simply Be.

I also meditation regularly, which is certainly a form of that as well.

But now, I’m committing to something beyond or different from meditation. I create time (may be from 10 to 30 minutes) to just sit & look at what’s going on in my brain, my emotions for the day, crazy yet new ideas that have popped into my head, etc. All of that.

I often will have a journal with me so I can record some of this but the intention is not to necessarily write a lot, create a massive ToDo list or anything like that.

It’s simply stopping everything to look inward to hear & see what’s going on. It’s been interesting so far because as I started thinking of doing this, I came up with a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t, it was not necessary, I was “so behind” with so many other things.

But now that I’ve started doing it regularly, it’s been remarkable how helpful it has been already. I’m more productive overall, I have a lot more creativity showing up and I’m much calmer & happier. Those are all good things.

What are you committed to putting in place for yourself in 2014 to reclaim your life?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara