create moments of joy

create moments of joy

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments – not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It’s about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan.

Moments of Joy Every Day

As I was writing out my main commitments for 2014, it really struck me that even these are just indicators of where I’m at currently in my journey.

Everyone is different. I see a lot of people posting about “clean eating” & “more exercise” right now as the new year starts. Without judgement, I simply reflect that those people need a focus in THOSE areas for themselves right now. Those areas are dialed in well for me.

Those same people may have THEIR regular joy & happiness attitude well dialed in but I honestly have struggled with this. So that’s why it’s now one of my 2014 commitments.

I still have some habits of “once THIS happens, then I’ll really be happy.” I know as a child, those were numbing habits to carry me away & past then current pains that I was not really equipped to deal with. So, I developed laser-focus to visualize and hinge future happiness on something specific. Elsewhere, further off and away.

I’ve understood the wisdom of living more in the now, creating & finding joy with wherever you are today, etc. And now, it’s time to really put that into place in my daily life as a habit for 2014!

What are you committed to putting in place for yourself in 2014 to reclaim your life?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara