Life Garden Pruning

Life Garden Pruning

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments – not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It’s about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan.

Life Garden Pruning

This type of work is REALLY difficult. It also can be very tricky depending on the people or situations currently in your life that are very toxic. In some cases, you may not be able to prune them completely but you can set better and healthier boundaries that serve you best.

You can also do this work without getting in people’s faces, judging them with harsh words or otherwise creating unneeded pain for anyone involved. You have a lot of things you want to create in your life, right? Don’t create unnecessary drama as that will take away cycles you have for creating growth & change.

You’ve got to do this Life Garden pruning work if you want more change & growth in your life. This starts to become clear as soon as you decide you’re going to improve or otherwise make changes in your own life.

The people, situations, beliefs and habits in place for you NOW are a mirror of what you had in place from your past. As you work on letting go of old habits, previous ones may not serve you as well. You will need to do some amount of Life Garden pruning as you notice these obstacles rise up & blister more.

What are you committed to putting in place for yourself in 2014 to reclaim your life?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara