reclaim my life

reclaim my life

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments – not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It’s about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan.

Reclaim My Life Even More – And Help Others Do The Same

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve let frustrations & pain have a bigger say in my life than I’d prefer. Change is tough for most of us and I’ve certainly been heaping on plenty for myself over the last few years.

The biggest change for me is dealing with & accepting my mother’s recent death. When your time is up, your time is up. If you’re not truly living each day like who you are & what you do matters, it’s both sad and a waste.

I’m very committed to reclaiming my own life again. Fear, excuses and any of the other self-generated obstacles will still show up since I’m human BUT I’m very committed to stepping up anyway. It’s time.

What are you committed to putting in place for yourself in 2014 to reclaim your life?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara