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Reclaim Your Life One of my favorite parts about my new chapter is that I'm encouraged to regularly (and daily) work on personal development: read books, listen to audio programs, attend conferences & webinars, etc. I've always enjoyed lifelong learning but it was really difficult to find the energy (physical or emotional) to actually do


Snotty Skeptic

Vegan Athlete Diet I've not publicly shared my initial thoughts and reactions to Shakeology when it was first introduced to me. It's time. My rough path to Shakeology goes like this: EXTREMELY challenging sequence of tough life stuff for me compelled me to choose something I could actually control: I decided to purchase P90X for

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Start to Start …

Reclaim Your Life I know I'm not the only current or Recovering Perfectionist, right? At least a few of you have admitted either publicly or privately to me that you used to OR are still struggling with that Perfectionism Prison. You're definitely not alone. I'm not going to use this blog post to outline how

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Raw Kale Salad

Vegan Athlete Diet I actually don't remember where I found the original starting recipe for this but I've changed it a bit since then anyway. And now I'm sharing my version - enjoy! Ingredients (makes 1 large or a 2-3 smaller servings) 1 - 2 bunches raw kale 1 tsp brown miso paste 1 tsp

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Break Open

Reclaim Your Life I was out in the garden the other morning reflecting on Life Stuff while watering and checking on the plants. As I thought back on the last few years, I had a slight shift in my thinking and realized it all had let me break open, not down. I'd heard that phrase

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