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Starting YOUR Day Priorities

Reclaim Your Life Admit it - you've dealt with a bit of that electronic A.D.D. that hits everyone, right? You get ready to start your day knowing you've got a LOT to tackle. But then either a txt message or email alert comes in not at all related to the priorities you know you need

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Vegan Protein Balls

Vegan Athlete Diet I'm sharing another vegan-ized recipe from one of my workout programs, Body Beast. It's easy to make a batch of these and have some snacks ready for your Vegan BEAST needs! Ingredients: 1 cup natural smooth peanut or almond butter 1 scoop pea protein powder 1 medium ripe banana, mashed 3/4 cup

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Whose Story Are You Living?

Reclaim Your Life Have you ever been aware of landing "there"? Where you catch yourself going through your days, your life and it feels like you're part of a script that someone else wrote for you. The dreams, passions & visions you had for yourself seem to have been 'cut' from every scene. I certainly

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Same Problems?

Reclaim Your Life As part of my personal development, I usually have a stack of books, magazines and web site articles that I'm either reading or re-reading. I know that my personal growth is like my fitness & nutrition: if I'm not feeding my 'brain' positive food regularly, then it likely means it's getting filled

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A Silenced Voice

#wednesdaywisdom - A Silenced Voice Reclaim Your Life My 2013 has continued to move positively in a number of directions! It is really amazing what a difference it makes when you focus on gratitude, where you'd like to go next and how to make things positive where you can as you Reclaim Your

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Start Towards Fitness Goals

#mondaymotivation - Schedule YOUR priorities 1st! Reclaim Your Life Most people have multiple ToDo apps, multiple online calendars and other scheduling-related tools. Are you letting them run you OR are you running them? Especially when it comes to your workouts and fitness goals? It may not sound like a big deal but here's

Start Towards Fitness Goals2017-02-15T13:30:36-08:00

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