2014 is officially here. I’ve been working on journal entries throughout December to be part of my 2013 Annual Review. I’m now (Jan 1, 2014) sitting down to finish putting that together. It was a very busy year, indeed, so my ever recovering perfectionist self was reminded to focus on highlights and trends. This is my annual review, not a legal disclosure …

So, here goes!

What Went Well?

  • Personal growth and self-awareness grew tremendously from consistent & persistent efforts
  • Learned even more about my strengths, how I work best and specific plans and action steps that will help with that (Kolbe Strengths and Strengths 2.0 – both great resources!)
  • Really increased my capacity for handling the bumps of life and my living “shock absorbers”
  • Finally had my first go away, purely recreational vacation in over 6 years
  • Began tackling perfectionism and it’s removal
  • Began the work to show up with both more courage & vulnerability in my life
  • (Related to the item above) I started to both connect & re-connect with people even more. No more suffering in silence, pretending everything was okay when it was not, etc.

What Didn’t Go So Well?

  • My list of desired goals, projects, product creations, etc. far exceeded what I was able to actually create or manifest
  • As I continued more of my personal growth, I did not find quick solutions but instead uncovered deeply held unhealthy beliefs and wounds I’d been hiding or ignoring for too long
  • In general, I peeled back enough layers to see that the various disappointments & frustrations in my life really were under my control. But I’d been losing cycles to pointing fingers and blaming rather than truly being as fully responsible as I could

What Was Rather A Mix?

  • Despite all the efforts in our family, my mom’s health, journey with cancer and connection with life in general did not get better but deteriorated more as the year progressed.  She finally let go of pain and life and departed early Christmas morning. Ultimately, I’ve accepted that this was her journey & her set of cumulative choices. I take comfort in the fact that she’s no longer in pain and that all of us loved & supported her as well as we could, too, during this especially difficult year.

What Am I Working Towards Next?

  • Mindset Management – these “mental” muscles will no longer be underdeveloped and lazy! In 2014, it’s ON …
  • Playing more to my strengths rather than trying to work around them OR exactly follow how someone else is doing things
  • Creating even more joy, fun and Simply Being for each day. Not just when I feel it’s convenient
  • Considering all of the above, taking the time early this year & month to really set up ways for myself that I know will work for me – with confidence, courage and wisdom

Next? It’s time for me to be strategic, deliberate yet realistic about HOW I take all the lessons from 2013 and create a personal plan that allows me to create the next level of performance and successes in my Life Areas.

Are you read to reclaim your life as well in 2014? What were some of your Life’s Lessons in 2013?

by Sean O’Meara by Sean O'Meara