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Preach or Not?

I always enjoy when conversations via social media give me the chance to answer more fully in a blog post. Sometimes the 140 character limit of Twitter are just too restrictive for a proper answer ... The topic also fits in well with my overall philosophy of why I share the way I do about

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Work more? Work Less?

I received an excellent question via Twitter after posting about working this holiday week, if at all. It fits well into the questions & assumptions I wrangled with personally when creating my new chapter. And if you, too, want to Reclaim Your Life - to live like it matters, the question might resonate with you as

Work more? Work Less?2017-02-15T13:30:39-08:00

Navigating The Holidays

For many of us, this week begins a period of time that is blessed with extra time with family & friends, more events not related to work and a lot more opportunities for indulging. Before all this happens, take some time to think about how you can make the most of it without it making

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Inner Dialogue

Reclaim your life ... Have you done this already? Are you wondering what that might feel like? Are you wondering what that means? Have you stopped recently to consider IF you need to reclaim your life? When trying to reclaim one's life and make changes, the current inner dialogue is a hidden yet key part of

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Spinach Saute with Garbanzo Beans

I'm a bit behind this week but catching up with another Vegan Athlete Diet post. I hope that this REALLY simple and quick recipe serves many of you, whether you're vegan or not - this is for everyone. I've been making this for years and cannot remember where I got the basic idea but it

Spinach Saute with Garbanzo Beans2017-02-15T13:30:40-08:00

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